Climate Activists Aren't Joking - The Green Reich

Donna Laframboise, Drieu Godefridi
Canada Belgium

Donna Laframboise is an investigative journalist based in Port Dover, Canada. She is author of two books about the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and host of Saving the planet: the all-purpose, never-ending justification for more taxes, control, and deprivation. Belgian philosopher Drieu Godefridi has a new book, "The Green Reich: Global Warming to the Green Tyranny." Godefridi, says environmentalism is more “ambitious in its desire to subdue” humanity “than any previous doctrine.” It does not intend to seize the means of production to increase and distribute the fruits in an equal manner. Environmentalism plans to seize the means of production to stop it.

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